Indian Chicken Dishes that you must try

If you are looking for lip-smacking and indulgent chicken dishes, Indian cuisine is where the explosion of flavor lies. The aromatic spices used in Indian foods give it that additional edge. A beautiful melange of herbs and spices and the tender treatment of the chicken leads to various dishes that are a must-try. 

The best Indian chicken dishes aren’t just mouth-watering. They also have health benefits as chicken is a source of lean, low-fat protein. It also contains anti-cancerous properties, so enjoying it with a blend of Indian herbs and spices is a treat for your gut and mouth alike. 

Now, let’s dive into the top Indian chicken dishes you shouldn’t miss trying:

Butter Chicken

Nothing deserves to be more at the top than this absolutely lip-smacking and fulfilling meal- Butter Chicken. This all-time favorite Punjabi chicken dish has truckloads of cream that leaves you craving more. This ultimate comfort food can be served with flatbread, butter naan, roti, paratha, steamed basmati rice, or jeera rice for a full-on main course. 

The cooking of a butter chicken is a three-step process. It involves grilling and leaving the chicken to simmer in a buttery, spicy, creamy, and aromatic tomato gravy. The marination goes overnight, so the flavors infuse in-depth, and the meat tenderizes. Then it’s roasted and cooked in gravy. Roasting in a clay oven (or tandoor) gives it a smoky flavor. 

Lemon Chicken

One of the most famous Indian chicken dishes you must try is this tangy lemon chicken. The succulent chicken thighs get cooked in a spice pool with a lot of citrus from orange, lime, and even sugarcane. The tender chicken bites give away mild spices and mint flavors with a dominant hit of lemon. You can relish it as an appetizer or serve it as a main course with rice for a hearty meal.

Chicken Dum Biryani

The cooking process brought in by the Mughals renders a delicious and warming chicken meal in the form of chicken dum biryani. The flavors that the dum cooking leaves behind are scrumptious and finger-licking. It is a slow cooking method wherein the biryani is cooked at a low flame with a lid usually made of flour. The steam built inside cooks the components inside the pot. 

Two methods are available to cook this relishing dish. The first one involves steaming all the components using layering in one pot (marinated raw ingredients at the bottom of the utensil with a layer of partially cooked rice and saffron, etc.). The second procedure involves cooking the meat and rice separately, then using the dum process for a shorter time. The end product is aromatic rice with an explosion of flavors in succulent and tender chicken. 

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoor lovers gather to try this delicious dish known as Tandoori chicken. An all-time favorite comfort food among the masses, this relishing treat is completely dry and topped with a lime squeeze for that extra punch. Eat it as a whole or in pieces with onions and coriander chutney for that óomph flavor. You can also have it with naan for a hearty meal. 

Afghani Chicken

If you’re looking for a creamy sauce and tender chicken pieces recipe paired deliciously with a naan, Afghani chicken is your choice. It is mildly spicy and couples beautifully with mint chutney. With onion rings on the side, coriander leaves, and a generous squeeze of lemon, it forms a scrumptious meal to have once surely.

Chicken Kabob

Let the juicy chicken fill your mouth along with colorful vegetables for a fulfilling palate. Chicken kabob is a must-try grilled chicken dish marinated with delicious basting sauce and complemented with beautiful and exotic vegetables. Placed on a skewer, this dish is not just a delight to eat but will also make you drool. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that just the name and description of these famous Indian chicken dishes will make you drool and push you to try them at least once. Fight the fear of missing out and try them today.

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